7+ Prettiest Fall Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Spice Up Your Look

Brunette hair is the perfect shade to add a new cozy fall hair color, from orange tones to dark warm tones. Try a style with a variety of colors, fades, highlights, lowlights, solid colors, or a combination of any technique.

Putting cooler colors on darker hair is a great way to add texture and make it more noticeable in the light or when curled.

With the fall season coming up, that means cozy blankets, Starbucks lattes, warm fires, and crunchy leaves. Fall hair colors are already popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest as it’s one of the best times of the year!

Techniques for Fall Hair Color


Ombré hair color looks good on everyone and can be done on any hair type. The point of ombre hair color is to give your hair lots of all-over contrast from the roots to the ends. You can do any combination of ombre that you want whether it be subtle or bright.

You’ll want to primarily stay with your natural color at the top around your scalp and then transition into the other colors as you move down the hair. The ends should be the lightest part of this look.

Because only the ends are the lightest part, this is a really low-maintenance hair color style. And when you have lighter color in brunette hair, you’ll want lesser maintenance to keep up with.


Putting lighter pieces of color in the right places on brunette hair can really make your hair stand out and make it shine. It adds dimension and visual interest to hair of one color. Your stylist can use a variety of techniques to make your hair look gorgeous with highlights this fall.


Balayage and Ombré hair color often get confused. The difference between the two is that ombré starts off with your natural brunette hair (darker) and transitions to a lighter shade at the ends. Balayage is done by creating irregular, or highlights throughout the hair.

You can think of it as brushing paint strokes randomly throughout a painting. By freehanding the color and focusing on the top layer of your hair, it will give you a more natural look with dimensions.

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The 7+ Prettiest Fall Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

1. Dark Cherry

This is one of my favorite fall looks!

It’s not a natural color that you can find but because it isn’t a stark contrast to brunette hair, it looks more natural when paired with dark hair.

That makes it one of the best hair colors to have done for brunettes if you want to do something different with your hair but not too wild. It can be something new and different to try but you could still wear it to work or in a business setting.

fall hair color ideas brunettes


2. Chocolate Caramel

Another super stunning look. This one is also a bit more subtle with highlights of a lighter brown shade cascading down the hair where you can see the majority of the color at the ends. This color could look cute on both long hair and a bob style.


3. Pumpkin Spice

This look will brighten up your hair and will really be noticed when the sun shines on it. Adding waves to this look will show off the color even more.


4. Autumn Sunset

This is a gorgeous fade of a more red tone to nearly blonde at the ends. Perfect for gals with short haircuts.


5. Chestnut Mix

Try a reddish-brown tone to your hair, especially if you are looking for something super subtle. You get a chocolatey caramel mix but it still lightens up your hairstyle.


6. Warm-Toned Pink Fade

Adding a pink tone is a great way to lighten up your complexion. It’s not over the top since it’s a warmer pink, but it still gives you a different look.


7. Red and Orange Pop

If you’re looking for a pop of color then you’ll like this one. You’ll get apple cider and pumpkins all in one. It’s not for everyone. But, if you’re edgier and like a little pizzaz, it’s worth trying it out.


8. Sparkling Rosé

Super gorgeous and sophisticated. The longer your hair, the better with this one. The subtle yet vibrant colors slowly go down the hair but the colors still melt together.


9. Ginger Beer

The copper-orange tones here give super cozy autumn vibes. It’s a fun way to liven up your hair and go with all your fall outfits!


10. Apple Cider

Stand-out vibrant red hues are the perfect way to enjoy trips to a coffee shop while getting cozy with your favorite book. You’ll get a mix of burgundy and brighter orange tones that scream fall.




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