The Best 7+ Must Have Beautiful Fall Blonde Hair Colors

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Pumpkin spice latte days are here! Warm and cozy hair color tones are always popular for fall, and that includes blonde hair colors as well! Whether it’s a light caramel to sparkling gold or ash blonde, a lot of people like to make modest changes to their hair color for each season. As the days get shorter, the urge to go a little darker and warmer comes in.

For all hair types and colors, I’ve included this year’s popular fall hair colors. Before deciding on a single color, consult your hairdresser to determine whether the combination will complement the texture of your hair and your overall tones.

You want to do what’s good for you. What works for one person doesn’t always suit the other, so it’s good to have a chat with a professional before you decide on a hairstyle, especially when it comes to color.

You have lots of variations to choose from. The decision is 100% yours!

What’s Getting Attention This Year?

Even though much warmer tones will soon rule the pumpkin patch, platinum and frosty blondes will always be in style this time of year. Stylists are seeing clients who seek a little warmth since they can make any complexion look more bright and glowy.

Because cool tones absorb light, they actually create the opposite of golden tones, which reflect more light that makes a lovely glow. Adding a bit of gold to your mix can make your blonde look warmer as well.

Either way you go, your blonde color will compliment your outfit of snuggly sweaters and boots.

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The Best 7+ Must-Have Beautiful Fall Blonde Hair Colors

1. Ash Blonde

In comparison to warmer, golden-blonde hues, ash blonde is a cool-toned shade. Think greys, silvers, and frosty icy white shades. Root shadows, balayage, and highlights can be blended to create darker or lighter looks.


2. Bronde

Brown and blonde are combined in the coloring process to get the appealing, sun-kissed color known as “bronde.” This duo may be the best approach to try if you’ve never had color before or are worried about making a change that will be too dramatic.


3. Chocolate Blonde Ombre

Dark brunette hair color gradually fades to a golden blonde. Generally lasting 4-5 months, ombre hair color is good for less frequent visits to the salon as you can let the blonde go longer as it gets closer to your ends.


4. Buttered Toast Blonde

A warm, natural-looking blonde hair color. Buttery blonde has a medium blonde base color with warm and cool blonde highlights mixed together, creating a head of hair with lots of movement.


5. Honey Blonde

With darker eye colors like brown or black and medium complexion tones, this warm, rich blonde hair color looks stunning. It also makes an excellent foundation for golden or butter blonde highlights.


6. Mushroom Blonde

Now getting millions of views on TikTok, mushroom blonde is the ideal transitional shade since it’s a mid-tone that is neither completely blonde nor fully brunette. Think of an ashier kind of bronde, right between light brown and dark blonde.


7. Icy Blonde

Ice blonde hair is extremely pale, similar to platinum blonde hair, but instead of being a pearly white color, ice blonde hair uses cool undertones of violet and blue to add an additional hue of shimmer and sparkle.

And, this is a shade that could carry you through the winter months!


8. Strawberry Blonde

Women with fair, cool, or neutral complexions look gorgeous in strawberry blonde. In contrast to the cooler tones in lighter skin, a vibrant, warm red is used mixed with creamy copper variations.

9. Wheat Blonde

Because this wheat-colored blonde shade sits on the spectrum halfway between beige and butter blonde, it’s strikingly warm without going towards golden summer beach blonde. Likewise, you may go either way—dark or light—to fit your autumnal vibe.


10. Rosé Apple Blonde

Even though there are some exceptions, people with dark eyes and a yellow-based skin tone tend to look better with this hair color. With that said, a skilled colorist who knows what they’re doing should be able to tweak the hues to complement your own skin tone and eye color, making this a flattering hairstyle for just about anyone.


11. Chai Tea Latte Blonde

Less is more to create a multi-tonal finish. If you don’t want your hair to look obviously colored, this is the way to go.

A blonde balayage technique results in natural-looking hair color with softer, less obvious regrowth. This method uses spots of light and shade to give the color several dimensions of blonde. Your hair color with this style should last around 3-4 months.

blonde fall hair colors


12. Morning Coffee Blend

Lowlights provide depth with darker color strands while highlights lighten the hair by showcasing lighter color strands. Both can be added to your hair by your stylist, creating the appearance of volume, depth, and texture.

blonde fall hair colors




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