5+ Fine Hair Mistakes That Are Aging You Now

Anti-Aging Hair Fixes

Age really is just a number. Everybody will age, and there’s not much that can be done about it as it’s a part of life that any person will go through. Being further down the line doesn’t mean neglecting yourself. And, there might be fine hair mistakes you are making that are probably making you look older. 

But, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something to dread or think negatively about. Every day of life is another chance to do something and something new to look forward to. 

fine hair mistakes that age you

It’s easy to forget about your hair if you work from home, have a busy schedule, or just feel stressed out and overwhelmed. 

But, it’s not something you should overlook. Hair is just one area of your physical appearance, but since it’s one of the first things people notice about you, it’s good to keep it in check. 

Especially if you’re over 35, over 40, over 50, or more and frustrated by your hair, you may be ready for a change. Even if you are under 35, you can still follow these steps so you get a jump start on keeping your hair healthy, which is what any part of your body, from your hair or skin to your feet, needs to age gracefully. 

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5+ Fine Hair Mistakes That Will Make You Look Older

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This article will help you fix any fine hair mistakes you’re probably making, so you can look the best version of yourself. 

1. Styling Your Hair Like Your 20s 

With age, the length of the hair growth cycle gets shorter, the diameter of the hair follicles gets smaller, and the scalp can become drier. All of these factors influence the look and feel of the hair that comes out of your head.

You’ve changed physically, and so has your hair. And, when the times change, you don’t want to be stuck in the past. Wearing the styles that were popular in the 90s, don’t completely work as you are today.

Match your hairstyle with how you look and feel right now and what suits you best. What was good for you 10, 20, 30+ years ago may not necessarily go along with how you want to represented currently.

2. Trying a Trendy Haircut Style That Doesn’t Match Your Face Shape

Fine hair generally works best when the hair is shoulder-length or above. But, depending on whether your hair is straight or curly, colored or not, will have a lot to do with exactly what type of cut you need. 

Not all fine hair is created equal. And, there are different levels of fine hair or fine hair with thinning hair. 

Use your face shape and features to help you determine if you need to go bold with a pixie cut, or keep it a little longer.

How Do Hairstyles Make Me Look Older for Fine/Thin Hair? 

Choosing the style and cut for your own face and lifestyle ensures that you will look and feel your best, refreshed self.

Super straight long thin hair puts too much focus right on your face. The older you get, the higher the chance of wrinkles coming in. And this type of hairstyle doesn’t work with your face being the center of attention, making the wrinkles and signs of aging too prominent.

Plus, this style makes your hair look thinner than it is, which makes you look older than you probably are.

Here’s some tips:

Don’t part your hair in the middle. Especially if you are over 50, this isn’t a flattering look. Try a shorter haircut with a side part, and a Dry Texture Spray to concentrate on getting volume plus density.

Stay consistent on getting hair trims.

Try some loose waves and face-framing layers that aren’t too short or overdone. Too many layers will make the ends of your hair way too whispy.

Don’t over style or overheat your hair. Go gentle on your hair so it will last longer.

3. Opting for a Permanent Dye Over Semi-Permanent

Even though hair coloring in general will damage your hair to some degree whether it’s even just slightly, there are less harsh and safer ways to do it.

If you’re going to color your hair, semi-permanent hair color is much less of a commitment and lower maintenance than a permanent dye. 

Because semi-permanent color doesn’t go deep into the cortex of the hair (the thickest hair layer), it doesn’t permanently change your natural color or pigment. 

Semi-permanent hair color is the best option to have far less hair damage but still allows your color to last a long time. 

One thing to note is never to color your hair when it’s already fried. That will only make things worse and cause your hair to break off. It’s more difficult for hair to recover from the damage the older we get. So, if your hair is severely damaged, just let it relax. 

Use a Protein Treatment, like Remilia Vegan Protein Hair Mask Treatment to repair your hair. It’s a bi-weekly treatment that’s made with coconut oil, avocado, green tea, and castor oil to deep condition overly processed hair and replenish its strength. 

Ditch The Bleach

Permanent hair color is even more deadly when combined with bleach.

Your hair is made of three types of bonds:



Salt Bonds

Along with the outer cuticle rising, bleaching damages these bonds that are within your hair, which causes them to become weak and creates breakage. 

When this happens, the inside of the hair becomes vulnerable, and the hair strands are susceptible to splitting or snapping. 

Bleaching is one of the top fine hair mistakes that can age you fast. And, fine hair really can’t handle the whole process of bleaching. So, it’s best to stay away from it altogether. 

Don’t Cover Grays with Highlights or Color

Gray hair resists color more than non-grey due to its texture. There won’t be as many natural oils in gray hair, making it a less smooth and more gritty surface, which won’t take well to color that’s applied, particularly around the roots. 

If you already have a lot of gray hair and want to cover it, try a Hair Gel. It’s a non-damaging way to dye your hair. There’s no mess, and it washes out easily to provide a deeply effective hair coloring result that will make you feel 10 years younger within minutes.

Use Products That Enhance Your Natural Color

If you’d rather have just a natural look, then don’t go too far beyond your own color. 

Use an Enhancing Gloss or Hair Glaze to give your hair a natural healthy glow and brighten up your natural color. 

Gloss vs. Glaze

The main difference between a gloss and a glaze is that a gloss only gets on the surface of the hair, much like semi-permanent hair color. Generally, a gloss will last around 28 shampoos. On the other hand, glazes only last around five shampoo washes.

Let Your Gray Shine

You may prefer to just let your gray stay and grow out. 

Use a Purple Shampoo in combination with a Maintenance Shampoo

Purple Shampoo. Washing your gray hair with a purple shampoo can help remove the brassy yellow shades from your hair, so you’re left with a flattering silver undertone. It’s recommended to use three times a week, especially after you’ve been out in the sun for a long period of time. 

Maintenance Shampoo. A bond shampoo has a specially formulated mixture to put your hair bonds back together, resulting in stronger, more durable, and healthier hair with each wash. It can bring the bounce and softness back to wirey, unruly gray hair.

4. Say No to Long Fine Hair

As we age, long hair just becomes more of a problem than flattering. To look more youthful, cutting the length off your hair will actually help. 

Hair gets thinner towards the ends. The weight of long hair pulling down on your head will thin it out even more, causing it to look lifeless and actually creating the appearance of thinner hair than you actually have.

This makes it extremely hard to get volume at the crown of your head, which is one thing that makes you look more alive and younger.

The longer your hair is, the more it will draw attention to how fine it is, and any thinning you are experiencing.

Plus, with the right haircut, shorter hair is less to deal with, less to wash, and easier to style. And, since it isn’t good to put your hair in an updo every day, a shorter haircut will allow you to leave it down without being in the way, so your hair has a chance to breathe. 

Blunt ends and fewer layers give fine hair the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

For some fine hairstyle ideas, check out my Pinterest board HERE.

5. Using the Wrong Shampoo and Conditioner

Knowing which shampoos and conditioners to use can make all the difference when you have fine hair. 

Watch out for any hair care products made with sulfates, which is a type of detergent you’ll find in an abundance of shampoos on the market. Sulfates can weaken your hair follicles over time, causing breakage that leads to hair thinning.

You should be using a volumizing shampoo and a clarifying shampoo once a week. 

Pick the Right Volumizing Shampoo

Volumizing shampoo works to plump up the roots of your hair, and give you volume exactly where you need it –  the crown and top of your head. Giving you a more fresh and healthy hair look. 

Try this shampoo for volume with thickening properties.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo (Fine Hair Approved)

Clarifying shampoo is an essential must-have for anybody with fun here. 

It works to get rid of gunk and buildup, so your hair has more movement, with fewer tangles, and allows it to be fuller, which will also help with volume. 

Personally, a clarifying shampoo is the only type of shampoo that I’ve been able to use where my hair feels its best and the cleanest.

Try this clarifying shampoo to get rid of excess buildup. Made with rosemary tea tree oil and lavender essential oil.

6. Going Days (or weeks) Between Salon Visits

Waiting too long between cuts and color treatments can cause your hair to look dull and thin.

On an almost daily basis, your hair is exposed to the elements outside whether it be heat, cold, smoke, pollution, or dirt. This means damage is bound to happen to your hair. Because all this exposure also causes dry split ends, its important to keep your hair maintained.

For at least a basic trim, it’s a good idea to visit your stylist about every eight weeks. If you have or plan to get a shorter hairstyle, you’ll need to go more often. Depending on how short it is, your stylist should know what the best recommendation is for you. Pen it in on your calendar if you easily forget.

Letting the professionals do what they’ve trained to do and visiting them on a regular basis ensures that they can keep your locks as fresh as possible. If you color your hair, a regular visit to the hair salon will ensure that your color will stay as stunning as the first time you colored it. A trip to the hair salon every four weeks for root and/or gray coverage is recommended.

Getting Older Doesn’t Mean Looking Bad

While aging is inevitable, some of these age-accelerating mistakes are very easy to avoid.

Fine hair can be as beautiful as other hair textures. Just don’t make these fine hair mistakes if you want to keep it as youthful as possible!

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fine hair mistakes that age you


Kat & Blossom is a Birmingham, AL, U.S. based cruelty-free lifestyle blog created by me, Ally. My goal is to help you live your best life by incorporating more DIY and sustainable options into your daily routines, using clean beauty, haircare tips, and practicing self-care.

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