Coconut Oil: 7 Ways To Get Strong Protected Hair

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Several months ago, I tried using coconut oil in my hair since my hair just felt unhealthy and tangly. I have tried over-the-counter conditioners and with fine hair, it sometimes just feels too heavy for my hair or creates build-up. And then some work for a little while but they don’t last long enough.

reasons to use coconut oil for healthy refreshed hair

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After using coconut oil, I noticed a significant difference in my hair. It felt much healthier, smoother, thicker, and bouncier. Even though I have naturally oily hair, coconut oil doesn’t make my hair excessively oily and actually cleanses my hair.

It’s important to know that no matter how you use coconut oil, it must be raw, unrefined, unbleached, and organic to make sure that it’s in its purest form and will give your hair the best results possible.

You only want quality coconut oil on your hair and scalp.

You’ll need just a little coconut oil in your hair for it to do its magic and the best way to use it is to let it sit overnight.

I love Viva Naturals’ coconut oil because it’s made from fresh, organic coconuts and it’s creamy but doesn’t have an overpowering smell. Their coconut oil is the best that I have used and the most natural I’ve found. You can get it on Amazon.



Here are my top 7 reasons why you should use coconut oil for your hair.


1.  Gets Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff develops when excess skin cells accumulate and then flake off. When this happens, your scalp gets itchy and irritated the more that you scratch it.

Oily skin can also cause dandruff.

Talk to your doctor if you feel that coconut oil worsens your dandruff or if you aren’t sure that you should use it.

Because coconut oil is moisturizing to your scalp, it can help treat dandruff and dry skin at the same time.

If you have dandruff, you should use coconut oil instead of your normal shampoo and conditioner.

How to Use:

  • Take a small amount in your hands and warm it up.
  • Then, put it directly on your scalp and massage it in.
  • Comb your hair thoroughly to make sure that it’s evenly distributed.
  • Put your hair up and in a shower cap for about 30-60 minutes, or overnight. (Tip: if you use it overnight, use the shower cap or place a towel over your pillow to make sure that any excess oil doesn’t get on the pillow)
  • Afterward or the next morning, wash it out and use your normal hair care routine.

You can mix some warm water with the coconut oil before you put it on your scalp to make it more like shampoo.

If you want a natural spa-like dandruff remedy, you can try a Coconut Oil Scalp Massage Treatment. It uses coconut oil together with essential oils to moisturize and calm dandruff. Thyme essential oil has an antifungal action that is useful for treating dandruff. The tea tree helps to balance your oils and maintain a healthy scalp. And the lavender oil soothes your skin and prevents build-up.

You’ll Need:…

(makes 2 applications)

  • Coconut oil – 1 tbsp
  • Tea tree essential oil – 3 drops
  • Lavender essential oil – 2 drops
  • Thyme essential oil – 2 drops

To Make:

  • Melt the coconut oil in the microwave or through a double boiler. Add the essential oils and pour the mixture into a sterilized glass jar. Massage half of the oil mixture into your scalp. Use before bed, cover the pillow with a towel to avoid any staining on your pillowcase.
  • Leave the oil mixture on overnight and then rinse it out in the morning. Apply shampoo before wetting and rinsing your hair.
  • Style your hair as you normally would.

2.  Use as a Hair Mask

Using just coconut oil as an overnight hair mask will allow its fatty acids to penetrate the hair shaft, instead of just sitting on top of your hair like some other oils.

When it’s massaged into your scalp, it helps to improve blood circulation.

You can use coconut oil as an overnight hair mask in the same way that I talked about for dandruff. 

You’ll notice results after your first use. It should feel silky, fuller, and healthy. It’s recommended to use it as a hair mask once a week.

3.  Strengthens Hair

Because coconut oil goes deep into your hair shaft, it strengthens your hair and replaces proteins within your hair. This makes your hair stronger, unlike a generic conditioner that may just sit on top of your hair.

4.  Naturally Conditions Hair

Coconut oil can be used for all hair types, but it’s really good for restoring luster and shine back into dry or damaged hair. Use it before you shampoo, or after you shampoo if you want a deep conditioning treatment.

Treating your hair with coconut oil can also help to remove buildup. It hydrates, nourishes, and cleans your scalp.

In my free ebook (find it at the end of this article), I have a Coconut Oil Conditioning Hair Treatment recipe that you can make at home and use anytime you need. This recipe uses coconut oil, shea nut butter, essential oils like cypress, lavender, and lemon. It’s super simple to make and can be left on your hair for 30-60 minutes or overnight. I would do it overnight to get the most penetration into the hair.

5.  Heat Protectant

Heat tools like hairdryers, flat irons, and curling irons suck out moisture from the hair, which causes it to become brittle and easily tangled. It also protects against UV damage and has an SPF value of 8. Rubbing it on your scalp at the beach, pool, park or other sun-exposed area helps to reduce the risk of any UV damage.

It’s recommended to never use heat more than 350 degrees for women with fine or thin hair.

Coconut oil can help to protect your hair from heat damage, as well as tame flyaways, frizz, prevent breakage and split ends, and more problems caused by exposure to heat.

It also surrounds the hair, which makes it easier to get rid of knots and detangled hair, especially after you wash it.

You can apply it sparingly throughout the day for touch-ups.

After you’ve showered and washed your hair, apply a small amount of coconut oil in your hands to warm it up and melt it. Apply the oil on your hair from root to tips, and particularly on the ends and any tangled areas that you have. Gently use a wide-tooth comb to prep the hair for styling and comb through any tangles.

Using it regularly will improve your hair health and look.

6.  Supports Hair Growth

In an article published by Dr. Axe, coconut oil has been shown to be safe and effective for thinning hair and will actually help it to grow longer and thicker.

Dr. Axe says that what condition your hair is in depends mostly on internal issues and your diet. Using natural hair remedies like coconut oil combined with eating foods high in Omega-3 fats such as pumpkin, chia seeds, flax seeds, and green tea will help support healthy hair growth and help hair loss without damaging delicate, thinning hair.

7.  Prevents Hair Loss

Because coconut oil keeps the scalp from drying out and also goes into the roots of the hair, it protects your hair from damage and keeps the scalp oiled. By mimicking your body’s natural oil, sebum, it keeps your scalp and hair follicles oiled, which can stop hair loss.

While there are a number of reasons why hair loss can occur, avoiding foods like sugar, excessive alcohol, and caffeine (small amounts like one cup of coffee a day is okay), processed foods, and trans fatty acids can also help prevent hair loss.

I hope you liked this post and got some useful information from it! Don’t forget to share and comment below if you did!

Need more natural hair remedies? Click below to get my free ebook of DIY recipes for manageable hair.





Kat & Blossom is a Birmingham, AL, U.S. based cruelty-free lifestyle blog created by me, Ally. My goal is to help you live your best life by incorporating more DIY and sustainable options into your daily routines, using clean beauty, haircare tips, and practicing self-care.

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