The Best 13+ Easy Quick Sweaty Workout Hairstyles to Try

Keep Hair Out of the Way

When you need to exercise or go to the gym it’s sometimes hard to find the right workout hairstyles. Putting it up in a ponytail can sometimes get boring. If you have long hair, putting your hair up doesn’t always actually keep it out of the way.

You shouldn’t have to constantly undo and redo your hairstyles in order to work out or do yoga.

As the weather heats up and we get closer to summer, we are thinking about vacations and heading to the beach. That means we’ll want to look cute and fit in our clothes and swimsuit!

Right now is a good time to start getting fit (if you haven’t already) and get prepared for the summer months ahead.

I love taking a walk out in nature on a sunny day and it’s one of the easiest ways to get some exercise in. But, I also love lifting some weights (like dumbbells or kettlebells), doing yoga, or cardio (like Zumba), and feeling more so energized afterward!

When you are moving around and sweating, you don’t want a hairstyle that is going to get in the way.

Putting your hair in a ponytail every time you exercise can be damaging to your hair because it causes breakage.

The more that you put your hair up in a tight ponytail, the more your chances are of hair loss and receding. And we definitely don’t want that!

I’ve had plenty of times when I’ve tried to put my hair in a somewhat loose ponytail and as I’m exercising or turning around to see what the next move is in the video, my ponytail falls out and I have to stop the video and put my hair back up multiple times.

Since I have fine, straight hair it gets really slick so I have to have a style that is going to stay put but still makes me feel good.

You’ll feel a little more confident and encouraged to work out when you have a cute hairstyle — especially if you are going to be in a gym around other people! You can switch up your hairstyle and have a fresh look each time you exercise. 

Below you’ll find some hairstyles that you can wear to the gym. They are trendy and but still cute enough and practical that will have you gym ready!

You can do some of these hairstyles the night before gym day or when you’re hair is wet.

These hairstyles not only keep your hair in place, but they also make you look put together and stylish so you won’t be shy about being on video unexpectedly!

Keep scrolling down and take a look!

1. The Classic French Braid

The French braid is a childhood classic and perfect for a workout hairstyle! It’s a step up from the basic braid but will keep your hair out of your face and secure while you move around. This tutorial has a few variations of the french braid that you can use as well.

Learn how to do at Twist Me Pretty

2.  The Bubble Braid/Pull-Through Braid

gym hairstyles

I love this style! If you have trouble doing a regular braid, this is an easy alternative workout hairstyle that looks edgy and trendy!

Learn how to do at Luxy Hair.

3.  Double-Sided Fishtail French Braids

gym hairstyles

This is a fun and sporty way to wear your ponytails low, which would be great to wear for a quick run or walk.

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

4.  Scarf Dutch Crown Braid

gym hairstyles

Absolutely love the scarf in this style! It gives it a little something extra and looks good enough to go out in before hitting the gym.

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

5.  Scarf Mohawk Updo

gym hairstyles

This is a cute way to wear a mohawk style without a hair clip tugging tightly on your hair. The scarf gives you a little pop of color and detail that you can match with your gym outfit and helps to hold the hair in place longer.

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

6.  Top Dutch Braids with a Bun

gym hairstyles

This will keep your bangs or face-framing baby hairs out of your way so your neck will be cool while you work out.

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

7.  Back Dutch Braids with Bun

gym hairstyles

Dutch braids with a bun on top are an alternative way to wear a topknot and the braids give it some detail. You won’t have to worry about your hair in the back falling down, so you can do all the cardio or running that you can stand!

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

8.  Double Hair Braid Bun

gym hairstyles

I like the way the braids swoop back. Great again if you have bangs or want to get all of the front hairs up and away. The bun makes it cute.

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

9.  Fishtail Ponytail

gym hairstyles

This is a good alternative to a ponytail. Putting the hanging hair in a fishtail braid keeps it from flying around while you are working out.

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

10.  Dutch Fishtail Crown Braid

gym hairstyles

This ballet-esque style is soft and feminine. It keeps long hair up and out of your face while still looking cute.

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

11.  Double Twisted Low Buns

gym hairstyles

This is a good one if you don’t want much hair on your neck but still want a cutesy bun and braid type of style.

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

12.  Waterfall Center Braid with Double Mini Buns

gym hairstyles

The braid down the middle gives this style some uniqueness and switches things up from side bun braids.

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

13.  Three Braided Low Mini Buns

gym hairstyles

This style is easy and great for short hair. 

Learn how to do from Milabu.

14.  Double Dutch Braids & Bun

gym hairstyles

I like the chunkiness of these braids and that it keeps all your hair up. If you don’t like a high bun, this could work for you.

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

15.  Double Dutch Braids Ponytail

gym hairstyles

This is another alternative ponytail style and you still get the rest of the hair pushed back.

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

16.  Double Dutch Braids and High Buns

gym hairstyles

I love these double buns and how quirky they are! Your hair will be secure will the back braids and hair on top.

Learn how to do at Missy Sue Blog.

17.  Easy Top Twist Bun 

Learn how to do from anniesforgetmeknots.


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