27+ Fall Winter Hair Colors That Will Make You Look Amazing

Colors To Transition From Fall to Winter

With November already here, the holidays are fast approaching and gift shopping is in full swing! And, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE fall and winter hair colors. Maybe it’s because they seem so fun, or maybe because the holiday season is the best time of the year. Whatever the reason, this year going into next year, rocking a new hair color is definitely in and we’re all about it!

Have you been dying your hair “that pretty blonde color” for years and never once gave a second thought to changing up your look? Well, this Fall and Winter, why not opt for something different? From gorgeous cozy autumn colors to vibrant icy pastels, there are tons of new hair colors you’ll fall in love with — and they’re all on trend NOW. 

Read on to see our list of the best winter hair colors that are wearable styles in the fall and great to transition into Christmas, the new year, and beyond!

winter hair colors

27+ Fall Winter Hair Colors That Will Make You Look Amazing

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1. Short Hair Blonde Ombre

Make the most of your dark roots with a beige-blonde ombre style. It’s lower maintenance than full blonde or all-over blonde highlights and works on all hair types. You don’t have to bleach your hair either to get this look. You can opt for a more temporary hair color that will allow you to have less commitment and less damage.

Winter Hair Colors



2. Pink Sugar Fairy

Pink is the ultimate girly color. This style is ideal on medium to long so you have enough length for a natural-looking flow. For winter, pinks with a blue undertone that lean towards purple hues without any coral or strawberry tones are your best bet. Attention-grabbing, rich shades of pink will go perfectly with your winter outfits. This hair color style is the best of both worlds because you have warm brown on top for autumn and then it transitions into pink tones for winter. 

winter hair colors



3. Winter Night Dark to Blue

This blue is on the teal side and makes a bold statement that’s still fun and subtle. There are a variety of blue shades that work well on different types of skin tones. If your complexion is warm with yellow or gold undertones, you could try a blue that has green or purple tints; such as cyan, turquoise, teal, and aqua (green tones), or violet, indigo, lavender, and periwinkle (purple tones). For a cooler complexion, a pure blue will be the most flattering.

winter hair colors



4. Snowflake Pink 

A hair color that’s frosted but not quite an ice-blonde shade. A touch of pink-purple makes this style look and feel like a night in a winter wonderland!



5. Cranberry Red

This shade of red is saturated, muted, and reminiscent of candy apple red with a ruby undertone. It’s eye-catching so you’ll be sure to get noticed! Pair it with outfits that have beige, light blue, lighter shades of red, black, and greys.

winter hair colors



6. Sparkling Toffee

Toffee is a warm bronze-like hair color. It starts with a brown foundation and is elevated with a mix of caramel highlights to give lots of varying dimensions.

winter hair colors



7. Chocolate Cherry

Turn heads and get super festive with a deep red that lightens up towards the ends. This hairstyle would look especially good with a blue outfit or hair accessory!

winter hair colors



8. Honey Blonde

Get a sunkissed look to match days spent in wheat fields and evening hayrides with a creamy cup of coffee!

winter hair colors



9. Snowy Ice Blonde

Icy blonde may seem like platinum blonde, but instead, it incorporates cool undertones that are a mixture of violet-blue for a touch of glimmer and sparkle. You’ll feel like an elegant stylish ice queen as soon as you step out of the salon chair! 

winter hair colors



10. Light Copper Shimmer

If you have lighter roots like blonde or light-brunette hair, this is your style. These colors will look complementary with the warmer reddish tones found in copper-red hair.

winter hair colors



11. Creamy Brown

A cozy neutral classic that’s ‘sweater weather’ approved. This color has a touch of blonde without being too light, but just enough to look sun-kissed and natural.

winter hair colors



12. Frosty Purple Blonde

A pastel white-blonde color with a hint of lilac is the perfect blend for something a little different yet subtle. 

winter hair colors



13. Caramel Brownie

This color combo is striking! Caramel Brownie hair color gives us the feeling of baking warm treats and chestnuts roasting by the fire!

winter hair colors



14. Light Blue Shimmer Blonde

An almost white blonde with very subtle light blue tones definitely fits with winter vibes. Not for everyone, but if you have cool undertones with pink and bluish hues, you can definitely rock this. 

winter hair colors



15. Golden Strawberry

Only 0.5% to 5% of people actually have strawberry blonde hair. Dyeing your hair in this golden strawberry color will definitely make you stand out in a crowd! It’s a dimensional color with golden copper hues that’s especially flattering on fair skin with blue or green eyes. And, it’s surprisingly easy to maintain since it’s more diluted. 

winter hair colors


16. Winter Northern Lights

Add some fun pastel colors like pink, purple, and blue without fully committing to covering your entire head works well for a subtle cute look. For an even different look, leave off the blonde and just keep the highlights for a pop of pastel on brown, brunette, or black hair!

winter hair colors



17. Candied Pecan 

Maroon red with caramel copper-like highlights goes so well together! It’s rich, striking, and unique!

winter hair colors



18. Buttercream Blonde

Buttercream blonde is warm, cozy, and glamorous. The color creates the ideal balance between cool and warm tones and has all the brightness of platinum blonde while also having the comforting charm of more honey-toned tints.

winter hair colors



19. Black and Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy red on dark hair looks amazing! The deep reddish-brown color really pops in black or brunette hair. Adding streaks of burgundy to the bottom instead of all over gives your hair a different style without changing it too much. 

winter hair colors



20. Arctic Blonde Lavender Highlights

Lavender highlights are a unique way to brighten up your hair during the colder months and add a bit of color, even on cloudy winter days.

winter hair colors



21. Gingerbread Orange 

Warm and spicy, gingerbread hair color is a mix of warm brown, cinnamon, and copper-red shades. You can ask your stylist to custom this color, whether you want to go deeper, lighter, or as highlights.

winter hair colors



22. Light Ash Blonde

Light ash blonde hair color is on the cool side of blonde and is a blend of two different shades. It’s great if you are looking for a light blonde color with depth and dimension. This hair color is what most people think of as natural-looking blonde hair. It can be a little more low maintenance than other types of blonde hair because it tends to work with most skin tones and eye colors. The tone will deepen over time but there is no need for regular toning to maintain your light ash blonde hair color.

winter hair colors



23. Milky Tea and Cookies

Think cloudy and creamy with your favorite cup of tea. This is a color that’s a neutral, creamy beige that’s neither too warm nor too cool, and just glides on the line between light brown and dark blonde.

winter hair colors



24. Misty Winter Sunset

When you are winding down for the day by the fire on a winter day and the sun is just starting to set through the trees and snow. That’s what this color reminds us of! It’s got subtle purple shades and faded blues that are spot on for the winter months.



25. Platinum Purple Dipped

Super white, almost non-pigmented blonde with slightly dipped rich violet ends for an edgy look. Loose waves help this style come to life.

winter hair colors



26. Winter Rose

A soft feminine pink with blonde tones that’s almost snowy. Olive green or teal eyeshadow would look really elegant with this color! 

winter hair colors



27. Chocolate Cream

Darker brown is lightened up with creamy blonde highlights that blend in for a more natural sun-kissed look.

winter hair colors



28. Silver White Mist

Sticking with one all-over hair color is for you if you don’t care for highlights or ombre. This color is not quite a full white because it has a metallic silverfish tone to it. The results will be a shiny, glowing, eye-catching shade.

winter hair colors



29. Icy Lake Blonde

Blonde with glacier blue strands. If this doesn’t scream winter, we don’t know what does!

winter hair colors



30. Winter Morning Ice Blonde

Greyish blonde with a hint of very pale blue is chilly and bold without being in your face. It looks super flattering with this short slightly wavy bob haircut.

winter hair colors



31. Dusty Pink Blonde

Not like a pink candy color that’s really vibrant and loud. This is a subtle light dusting of pink and blonde tones. Perfect for anyone who loves a pink girly Christmas! This hairstyle shows that you don’t need to have long hair to make this hair color work for you.

winter hair colors



32. Silver Ice

This hair color is not about being gray or silver, it’s a whiter less pigmented hair color. The bob haircut and waves take it up a notch from straight flat hair that you can wear to all the holiday parties!

winter hair colors





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winter hair colors


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