13+ Latest Extra Spooky Feminine Short Halloween Nails Now

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The spookiest night of the year, Halloween 2022, is quickly approaching, so it’s time to book those last-minute nail appointments. You’ve come to the right place if you’re in need of inspiration for short Halloween nails designs!

short halloween nails

Want to dress up for this year’s festivities or just wear a cute fall outfit? Either way, these short Halloween nails will have you feeling ghoulish all month long. From glittery ghosts for your inner sweet girl to creepy spiders, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s the roundup for the best 13+ Halloween nail design ideas to get you in the mood and gather inspiration. Whether you’ll be out celebrating at a costume party or you choose to have a cozy quiet night in with the latest Halloween flicks and yummy treats. These are your go-to nails to take to your manicurist or try out on yourself!

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13+ Latest Extra Spooky Feminine Short Halloween Nails Now

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1. Starry Night Nails

Not scary, but still fitting for Halloween. Black with pink glittery stars are featured along with minimal ghosts. These also glow in the dark!

short halloween nails

Dashing Diva

2. Glittery Haunted House Nails

This one has to be my favorite! I love the touch of pink with sparkles and smiley ghosts! You’ll feel feminine but still appropriate for the season.

short halloween nails


3. Hocus Pocus Sisters Nails

If you’re a fan of the movie Hocus Pocus, you’ll fall in love with this design. The silhouettes of the Sanderson Sisters and Binx the Black Cat will bring you back to a childhood favorite!

short halloween nails


4. Mummy Halloween Nails

Glow in the dark French gel nail strips with colorful mummies. Especially if you’re dressing up as a mummy this year, you need these!

short halloween nails

Dashing Diva

5. Morticia’s Favorite

This design has all the Morticia Addams vibes to complement a signature red lip.

short halloween nails


6. Bats Halloween Nails

Glossy black strips and clear gel strips with a hand-drawn classic Halloween style.

short halloween nails

Dashing Diva

7. Muted Orange Bats and Ghosts

To lighten things up, try pairing a subtle pink with a muted brownish orange for an almost retro vibe. Try pairing these nails with browns, creams, or greens!

short halloween nails


8. Pumpkins and Webs

For pumpkin lovers who want highly detailed gel strips and spooky fun!

short halloween nails

Dashing Diva

9. Spooky Pink Nails

Halloween, but with a bright pop of color.

short halloween nails


10. Ghost Webs

Semi-cured gel manicure strips and a touch of elegance.

short halloween nails

Dashing Diva

11. Friendly Ghosts Nails

Simple minimalistic ghosts that you could definitely DIY, whether you’re artistic or not!

short halloween nails


12. Purple Magic Spell

Purple is magical, mysterious, and imaginative. All the things of Halloween!

short halloween nails


13. Pumpkin Patch

Cutesy with a touch of spider creepiness.

short halloween nails


14. Vampire Red

The perfect deep blood-red color for Halloween. Wear it with a costume or out to dinner. Your nails will be stronger and moisturized without any harsh chemicals.

short halloween nails

Londontown USA Nails

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short halloween nails


Kat & Blossom is a Birmingham, AL, U.S. based cruelty-free lifestyle blog created by me, Ally. My goal is to help you live your best life by incorporating more DIY and sustainable options into your daily routines, using clean beauty, haircare tips, and practicing self-care.

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