Rose Gold Kitchen: 8 Easy Inexpensive Ways For Elegance

Glam Up Your Kitchen

If you’re in need of some rose gold kitchen pieces you can add to your home to upgrade it and make it stand out more, then these ideas may help you to give your kitchen a bit of a re-design, or at least a little inspiration. Rose gold has been one of my absolute favorite colors! For jewelry and homeware….it’s so elegant and sophisticated but still modern.

I like to add things that are both functional/practical, but still pretty. It just makes you feel good and puts you in a better mood to see nice things that you enjoy having around….which is really the key.  And, you don’t want things that just sit there and collect dust (because who wants MORE things to dust?!)….but things you ACTUALLY use regularly. Even if you only bake/cook sometimes, these ideas will still be useful for you and keep your home tidy. And, of course, you can always put things away until you’re ready to use them or if you just want to add more glam on special occasions.

I’ve got a few more ideas that aren’t listed under ‘Shop the Post’ at the bottom. So hopefully you like these little ideas….don’t forget to let me know if you did in the comment section…I’d love to hear from you!

rose gold kitchen


Rose Gold Kitchen: 8 Easy Inexpensive Ways For Elegance

Disclosure: I only recommend items that I truly love, and I may earn a commission on purchases made through links from this blog post.

1. Garlic Press | 2. Gotham Steel Cookware Set | 3. Strainer | 4. Crystal Cabinet Knobs | 5. Spoon Holder | 6. Electric Tea Kettle | 7. Kitchen Gadget Set | 8. Toaster | 9. Touchless Trash Can

1.  This garlic press saves a lot of time from mincing garlic with a knife, and why not have a high-quality rose gold one?

2.  If you’re looking for an elegant set of pots and pans, then this set is for you. It’s made with Gotham steel and has a hammered texture. Your food won’t get stuck either because it has an ultra-non-stick and non-toxic coating. For a luxurious set, here’s an Amoretti Brothers one

3.  Replace your basic strainer with this one. It’ll look gorgeous on your countertop!

4.  Changing out the hardware and knobs in your kitchen can make a huge difference.  This 12-pack set has crystal and is definitely an eye-catcher. There’s also this set if you want fully rose gold knobs.

5.  This is such a cute wooden spoon holder! It’s made of sturdy cement so it won’t tip easily and makes a great gift.

6.  Having this electric tea kettle sitting out on display in your kitchen will look pretty and something that you will also get a lot of use out of. Use boiled water for tea, coffee, instant oatmeal, soups, and a ton more.

7.   For any amount of cooking/baking, an essential gadget set is really necessary. These are all the top things that you would need like a grater, can opener, slicer, and more.

8.   I use a toaster every day, and this one is so cute! Not only that, but it has some cool features like wide slots and a cancel button.

9.   This is the most unique trash can. It has a soft close top when you step off the paddle and it’s much easier to take the trash bag out. It’s designed so that you have as little contact with the trash as possible. Plus….being made of stainless steel and with an odor-control filter.


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