Cat Lovers: Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The holidays are fast approaching and you may be scrambling around to find the perfect gift for a cat lover in your life.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with these cute gifts that every cat lover is sure to love!

Everything I’ve picked out below has a touch of uniqueness and cuteness!

1.  Creative Cats Adult Coloring Book

If you know a creative person and a cat lover — then this is a win-win.  This book is filled with original unique designs that include various patterns.

Adult coloring books have been shown to put your mind in a meditative, calm state.  They reduce stress and anxiety.  These are great for long car, plane, bus, or train rides.

Transport your mind to a place of positivity and focus while you use your creative skills to bring color to the life of these designs!

2.  Tabby Kitty Wine Bottle Holder

This wine bottle holder tributes to the well-known cat personality trait of curiosity.

Each holder is hand-crafted for a unique artisan decor piece.

Whether you are having a get-together or holiday party, this wine holder will definitely attract attention and get people talking!

3.  Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door

This kitty pass not only has a cute design for your home, but it also is the safest way to let your cat in and out of closed doors without having to get up or worry about them.

It comes with cute kitty ears on the front and a tail on the back so each side of the door has some extra cuteness.

It has a wide enough opening for cats up to 20 lbs. that allows your cat to pass through without tails getting snagged or caught that can be very painful for your cat.

This pass will compliment any door with its beautiful clean lines.

Use it as a litter box room entrance, food room entrance, or outside!

4.  Cats on Instagram Photo Book

If you follow Instagram and love cats, then you will know about Cats on Instagram.  This book has been turned into a keepsake treasure with a collection of over 400 photos from the hugely popular Instagram profile of @cats_of_instagram.

It has many categories such as “bowties,” “surprise!” and “happy cats.”  These sections showcase the charm and little quirks of the world of cats.

It’s a gift that will have cat fans smiling with delight!

5.  Cotton Cat Lover Dish Towel, Set of 3

Not only are these dish towels lightweight and ultra-absorbent, but they are super cute also!

Dress up any kitchen with this set of three.

Use it for drying, cleaning, or with your tea or coffee!

6.  Shop Cats of New York Book

Popular cat blogger, Tamar Arslanian, and Instagram pet photographer Andrew Marttila have come together to create this stunning and storytelling cat book.

Shop Cats of New York is a carefully cultivated, gorgeous full-color collection featuring New York’s iconic felines and the stories behind them.  It showcases New York City’s coziest top spots such as the Algonquin Hotel, Bleecker Street Records, yoga studios, bookstores, bike shops and more.

Cats have many different personalities and moods and this beautifully photographed book will be a hit for any cat lover or owner.  Display it on your coffee table, in your store or to look through whenever you want to unwind and end the day!

7.  The French Cat Book

The creator of this book, Rachael McKenna, is one of the most successful animal photographers in the world today.

Rachael tells the story of her new life in France with her husband and new baby.  It’s a narrative with engaging quotes from famous French cat lovers and literary giants.  This book comes with an array of photos, which makes it a beautifully illustrated read.

This book is a stunning exploration of France and its cats.  Showcasing beautiful French landscapes — urban and rural — and the many different cats that inhabitant this beautiful country.

Great for your coffee table, business, or kitchen!

8.  Cat & Dog Automatic Feeder

What’s good about an automatic feeder?  It helps to control your cat’s weight to keep them healthy.  They can get on a schedule instead of feeling obligated to feed them when they start meowing for dinner time.

This automatic feeder dispenses a portion-controlled amount of food twice a day at 8a.m. and 5p.m.  You have the option to customize the feeding schedule for up to 12 meals each day.

You can control your cat’s meal portions from 1/8 cup to 4 cups.  This helps tremendously in managing your cat’s feeding routine.

Whether you want to maintain a healthy weight for your feline friend or work on getting his/her weight down.

The feeder dispenses your cat’s food throughout a 15 minute period….ensuring that there’s no bloating or vomiting if your cat is a fast eater or gets choked up easily.

This is convenient whether you are home or away.  You can just set it and feel comforted knowing your kitty will have its meals on time every day and he/she gets used to a certain schedule and she’ll know when it’s time to eat.

What’s great about this feeder:

  • Locking lid & cat-proof dispenser keeps your kitty from getting into the food too early
  • Dispenses most dry & semi-moist foods
  • Portion-controlled amount of food 2x a day at 8a.m. or 5 p.m.
  • Customizable feeding schedule for up to 12 meals each day
  • Features like Slow Feed, Pause Feed and Immediate Feed — allows you to change plans and portions to fit your kitty’s needs
  • Stores up to 24 cups of food — you’ll be able to see when the food is running low
  • Designed specifically for cats and small to medium sized dogs

Have multiple kitties?  I’ve included a three-way splitter attachment below for this feeder so that all of your cats can enjoy their food at the same time!


Kat & Blossom is a Birmingham, AL, U.S. based cruelty-free lifestyle blog created by me, Ally. My goal is to help you live your best life by incorporating more DIY and sustainable options into your daily routines, using clean beauty, haircare tips, and practicing self-care.

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