37+ Affordable Gift Ideas Cat People Will Actually Love

Ultimate Cat Lovers Gift Guide
affordable gift ideas cat

Looking for affordable gift ideas cat people will love?

When the holiday season is around the corner, and you’re planning your gift list, how do you know what to pick out for someone who not only likes cats but is also the ultimate cat lover who adores their little biscuit-making paws?

If you know someone who just got a cat, already has one or two, or just loves cats then this guide will help give you some ideas for cute, unique, and thoughtful gifts that a cat lover would cherish.

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I’ve taken all the guesswork out so even if you aren’t a cat owner yourself or you just have no idea what a cat lover would want, you can rest assured that a cat mom or dad would enjoy having any of these goodies.

Most of the gifts on this list are from Amazon, but I have a few things on here from other places. You’ll find affordable, inexpensive ideas and a few which are more luxurious possibilities.

This post is split into 3 parts because I just found SO many cute things that I wanted to share! You can find each section below and each with its own clickable pictures under ‘shop the post.’

To see more ideas, check out the gift guide page here: GIFT GUIDES

Disclosure: I only recommend items that I truly love, and I may earn a commission on purchases made through links from this blog post.

gift ideas cat



gift ideas cat

1. Lotus Cat Shelf

Your cat will love climbing and exploring on this Lotus Cat Shelf, or just as a higher place to hang out and watch what’s going on down below. It has a scoop style and replaceable berber or faux fur carpet.

2. Pet Hair Remover Brush

I’m always trying to keep my kitty’s hair under control. This little Pet Hair Remover Brush removes the hair off of your furniture and clothes with a single pass twice as fast as a traditional lint roller, and it’s double-sided and can be used over and over.

3. Cat Drinking Water Fountain

A Water Fountain is a good option to encourage your cat to drink more water. This one filters the water so it’ll always be fresh and clean. It also has two levels for different sized cats, and the levels are always good if your cat is older with arthritic problems.

4. Crazy Cat Lady Soy Candle

This cute Crazy Cat Lady Candle is perfect for a cat-obsessed friend. It smells really nice and is made of 100% soy wax. The scents range from ones like Almond + Warm Cookie to Pineapple + Mango! The jar is simple enough to reuse for whatever you like.

5. Wrapping Paper

This Wrapping Paper is SO cute and high-quality. It will add some uniqueness to your gifts!

6. Wall Print

A Wall Print that sums up cats perfectly!

7. Hand-Crotched Coasters

These Hand-Crotched Coasters are just what you need if you’re looking for a funny, cute gift!

8. Etched Wine Glass

For a cat lover AND wine lover, this Etched Wine Glass is the ideal gift. It’s so cute but also extremely durable.

9. Cat Home Door Stopper

I absolutely LOVE this cute little Door Stopper! It’s not only a is a problem-solver, but also adds a cozy unique feel to your home, and can especially work for a farmhouse or beach-themed house. Warning: You may want more than one!

10. Cat Lady Old Maid Card Game Set

A different twist on a classic card game. Kids to grandparents would love playing with this Card Game Set.

11. Personalized Cat Memorial Engraved Ornament

If someone you know lost their cat, this Engraved Ornament is a nice way to remember their life and keep it hung in your home even after Christmas.

12. Funny Cats Christmas Cards

Loving these Christmas Cards! Handmade with artist designs that you can hand out as a keepsake piece of art and holiday cuteness!

13. Feed The Cats Kitchen Tea Towel

A cute decorative Kitchen Towel with a funny saying.

14. Clear Cat Wine Bottle Stopper

If you need a gift to cheer someone up, you can gift them this Wine Stopper along with a bottle of wine that they would love!

15. Heated Thermal Cat Mat

Knowing cats, they LOVE to be warm and snuggly in the colder months. This Thermal Heating Mat is non-electric and has a layered thermal insert that actually uses a cat’s own body heat to keep them warm while on the mat. It would even be a great thing to give to your local animal shelter or cats in need.

16. Foldable 2-in-1 Cat Bed/Cave

My cat, Lucky, doesn’t really like blankets on top of him but he still likes to lay on something snuggling, so this Cat Bed/Cave would be great if you have a cat who likes to be tucked away at times. You can flatten the top to make it more open, or push it up as a cat cave hideaway.

17. Vintage Iron Cat Tail Wall Hooks

These sturdy and super cute Cat Tail Wall Hooks are perfect to put by the front door so you don’t forget your keys and essentials….or even face masks!

18. Machine Washable Cat Feeding Mat

I love eco-friendly products, and this Cat Feeding Mat checks that box, being made from recycled fiber….along with machine washable, waterproof, and non-slip!

19. Christmas Cat Costume

My cat won’t let me put ANY kitty clothes or collars on him, but some cats will. In that case, this little Christmas Cat Costume would be adorable and great for photoshoots that will make memories for years to come.

20. Organic Chewing Cat Grass Kit

This Cat Grass Kit comes with an organic seed mix of wheat, oats, rye, and barley….so cats will get their fiber when they chew on it and it will actually act as a natural hairball control so you’ll have less spit ups to clean up!

21. Cat Mom Productive Calendar

Moms to students could use this Calendar to stay organized….which is essential for less stress. It has monthly grids with PLENTY of space to jot down appointments and reminders, comes with stickers, and has super cute quirky illustrations!

22. Shop Cats of New York Photo Book

I have the kindle version of this Shop Cats of New York book. It has professional photo shots of cats in iconic New York City spots like yoga studios and bike shops and a story behind each picture….which is perfect to flip through while you have a cup of coffee!

23. Nala’s World Book

If you haven’t heard of Dean Nicholson, he is a YouTuber (1bike1world) from Scotland who travels around the world with his cat Nala….who he found as a stray on one of his travels. They are so cute together and I love seeing what they get up to on their adventures. Dean’s Book is about their life on the road and also from Nala’s point of view.

24. A Street Cat Named Bob Book

This book is about a true story of a guy who was a struggling street musician and found his cat Bob, who was an injured stray. Luckily, Bob stayed with him after he was healed and the two have been inseparable. It’s a really sweet story that any cat lover would adore!

25. Natural Wood Cat Toys Set

This Cat Toys Set by The Natural Company and is made of natural wood and other natural materials. It will encourage your cat to play inside more while giving them exercise.

gift ideas cat



gift ideas cat


26. S’well Caturdays 24 oz. Travel Mug

27. Blizzard Bay Ugly Christmas Cat Sweater

28. Compostable Cat Litter Pans

29. Pet Air Sanitizer

30. Cat Mama Ornament

31. Crystal Cat Necklace

32. Clean/Dirty Dish Reminder

33. Laser Engraved Cat Face Phone Case

34. Kitty Shaped Mold Tray

35. Pet Photo Portrait Wall Art

36. Personalized Metal Pet Tag

37. Personalized Funny Pet Mug

38. Custom Pet Pillow

39Fur Baby Memories Book

40. The Trainable Cat Book

Yes, you can train cats! This book will show you all the techniques on how to work with your cat, especially if you have a new cat, to have a bonded trusting relationship.

41Total Cat Mojo Book by Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy is my go-to person for all things cats. He’s a cat behaviorist expert and has a tv show and a YouTube channel where he helps you understand cats. There aren’t too many problems that you think you have with your cat that he can’t fix. This book will give you the best ways to connect with your favorite feline since cats are very often misunderstood.

42. Cats are Welcome Wood Decor

43. Bells Finder Pet Collar

44. Mini Pet Garden Planters – Set of 6

45. Elevated Bamboo Pet Feeder

46. Easy Access Pet Door

If you have a cat who goes in and outside or on the porch a lot, this pet door will save time from letting them in and out constantly. He or she can just come and go as they please.

47. Okocat Plant-Based Litter

Hands down the BEST cat litter I’ve tried so far. It’s so much better than the clay litter that gets dust everywhere and that’s extremely bad for your home, you, and your pet to breathe in constantly. It’s made of natural wood fiber but also does a great job of clumping the waste together whether it’s solid or liquid, so that it’s easy to scoop.

48. Christmas Sweater for Cats

Your cat will be the belle of the ball in this cozy knit sweater. Also great for sphynx fur-less cats.

49. Leopard Sweater for Cats

50. Christmas Tree Cardboard Cat Scratcher

gift ideas cat



gift ideas cat


51. Meow Book of Happiness for Cat Lovers

52. Handmade Watercolor Cat Portrait

53. Handmade Cat Portrait Sketch Watercolor

54. Laser Light Cat Toy

55. Handmade Wood Cat Bed Furniture

56. Cat Mama T-Shirt

57. Cat Mama Wine Tumblr

58. Catopoloy Game Board

59. Pawsible Pet Food Cookbook

60. Cat Metal Door Stopper

61. Cat Tail Magnets

62. Handmade Cat Stars Sleep Mask

63. PetCube Monitoring Camera

64Cat Glasses Wall Art

65. Meowy Christmas Kitchen Towel

66Line Drawn Cat Art

67. Long Hair Personalized Cat Necklace

68. Angel Best Friend Decor

69. Personalized Pet Face Necklace

70. Cat Hair Kitchen Sign

71. Cat Mother Wine Lover Wine Rack

72. Cat Shaming Calendar

73. S’well Purrfect Morning Travel Mug

74. I Hope You Like Cats Doormat

75. Polka-A-Dot Pet Blanket


gift ideas cat

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