Best Organic & Clean Beauty Gift Sets


Here are some of the best clean beauty gift sets for hair and skin care. All the sets are cruelty-free with clean ingredients. Being careful about what you’re putting on your skin and hair is super important and can affect your overall look and health. Using bad ingredients on your skin can sometimes make it worse and age you faster….which we definitely DON’T want!

This guide will help you find hair and skin care products that are clean, and never tested on animals….as well as vegan ingredients. These are all things that I would personally use and by using or gifting a set….you can try it before committing to the larger-sized products from that brand.

The sets are priced affordably and there are also some more luxury sets, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Gift these to your mom, sister, friend, co-worker, sister-in-law!

Disclosure: I only recommend items that I truly love, and I may earn a commission on purchases made through links from this blog post.

1. Set of 3 Hydrated Hair | 2. Aura Dry Brushing Collection | 3. Collagen Enhancer Set of 2 | 4. Hair, Skin, Mood Supplement Set | 5. Herbivore Botanicals Mini Favorites Collection | 6. Clean Eye Makeup Set | 7. Luxury Vegan Makeup Brush Set | 8. Goop’s Bestsellers Glowing Kit | 9. Herbivore Botanicals Set of 2 | 10. 7-Day Detox Fragrance Set | 11. Royal Tulip Dutch Discovery Kit | 12. Sea the Glow Radiance Duo | 13. Tinted Lip Balm Set 

1.  For hydrated hair, try this travel size set of three in an herbal sweet smell.

2.  If you’ve never tried dry brushing before, it stimulates lymph flow, releases tension, and helps to soothe skin.  This is a four-part bodywork system and each product can be used on its own or together.

3.  A collagen enhancing drinkable powder for glowing skin. Supports gut health by providing vegan nutrients and antioxidants that will nourish and hydrate your skin.

4.  Targeted to help boost skin, hair, and your mood using herbs, multi-vitamins, and minerals! This set comes with three bottles of supplements you can take daily.

5.  Herbivore Botanicals mini favorites collection that removes makeup, and cleanses the skin to reveal a healthy glow. You’ll get everything you need for a start to finish skincare routine from a cleanser to a body polish. A good gift for someone who hasn’t tried clean beauty before and is interested in starting.

6.  This is a clean eye makeup set that works for a variety of skin types from dry, mature to sensitive and blemish-prone. Pop it on for all day wear and carry the set with you in the included lavender bag!

7.   If you’re looking for a high-quality luxury makeup brush set that’s also vegan and cruelty-free, then this set is for you.

8.   Try out Goop’s best sellers kit to get exfoliated, smooth, bright skin.

9.   This is Herbivore Botanicals set of 2 that contains natural willow bark which is a gentle exfoliator, and a brightening smooth skin serum.

10.  Find your perfect scent for a week with this detox fragrance set, and at an affordable price! Scents like pear + jasmine + fresh cut grass or fig + gardenia + amber. Mix and match or use alone.

11.  Tulips are used in this set to cleanse, detox, and hydrate the skin.

12.  A combination of oils to bring out your natural glow and targets signs of aging by improving skin texture and works on dark spots.

13.  I always apply lip balm throughout the day, but this lip balm set will give you a little color while moisturizing and softening your lips.


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Lip Balm Tinted Set
Sea the Glow Duo
Tulip Dutch Kit
Detox Fragrance Set
Herbivore Botanicals Set of 2
Goops Bestsellers
Luxury Vegan Makeup Brushes
Ilia Clean Eye Makeup Set
Herbivore Botanicals Mini Favs Collection
Hair Skin Mood Supplement Set
Collagen Enhancer Set of 2
Aura Dry Brushing Collection
Innersense Hydrated Hair Set



Kat & Blossom is a Birmingham, AL, U.S. based cruelty-free lifestyle blog created by me, Ally. My goal is to help you live your best life by incorporating more DIY and sustainable options into your daily routines, using clean beauty, haircare tips, and practicing self-care.

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